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“I believe that each person has the choice to help heal or help destroy themselves and humanity.”

~ Reiki Rita
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Reiki Rita Hi I’m Rita Roberts, also known as “Reiki Rita”.  I’m an Intuitive Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, Parent Educator and Author of the book, “Parents with Price Tags – heal yourself of family dysfunction and learn to love your children unconditionally.” 

I’ve been healing with energy for over 14+ years focusing my work on coaching clients suffering with anxiety, depression and low self-worth as a result of being raised in a dysfunctional family environment by unconscious, fear-based parents. 

I’m passionately devoted to raising awareness on the harmful effects on a child’s self-esteem when raised in a dysfunctional family by educating parents on RESPONSIBLE PARENTING using unconditional love.  My vision is to create a healthier, peaceful world by – “Healing One Family At A Time! (Please get your FREE CHAPTER below!)


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Feeling UNHAPPY? I understand your pain…

good oneI once felt like you do right now.  My book started off as a way of putting my pain on paper in order to heal myself.  Stepping out of denial and talking about your childhood pain is the only way to take back your power so you can start rebuilding your self-esteem.  Believe it or not, whatever unhappiness you are feeling right now CAN be reversed.  Don’t let fear rob you of living a happy life!

You probably feel like no one knows what you’re going through – especially your family!  Don’t worry, I understand…there’s no need to feel alone or afraid! 

The only way to overcome your fear, anxiety or depression is by finding the courage to expose your dark thoughts to the light and talk openly about them.  Once the truth is out, fear no longer has power over you!  Being honest about your feelings gives you back the energy you’ve lost from continuously hiding behind your fears.

Take comfort in knowing that you are special and your unique talents are very much needed in the world!  I encourage you to take that first step toward healing your life by reading my book.  By reading my story, it will offer you the emotional support you need and also give you some realistic healing advice as well.  I’ll be waiting for you on the other side where happiness awaits you….


“There is an unspoken rule that is subconsciously passed down from generation to generation that dictates that we are to remain loyal, proud, discreet, and forever dedicated to our biological families—no matter what the price.  Parents with Price Tags illustrates many of the common family issues that leave some family members feeling unloved, disrespected, frustrated, angry, and that they have no choice but to either conform to old-school family traditions and unrealistic obligations or run the risk of being disowned by their families.”











Who would benefit from reading my book?

Parents – parents-to-be, new parents, parents with adult children, couples considering parenthood, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents, guardians, etc.

Adult Children – struggling with: feeling unloved, low self worth, low self esteem, sibling rivalry, favoritism, needy parents, controlling parents, victim parents, playing the role of a parent, family obligation, guilt, dealing with family drama, neglect, abuse, abandonment, addiction issues, etc.

Parents at Risk – going through a divorce, dealing with post-partum depression, challenging children, single-parenthood, etc.

new parentNEW PARENT?  Then you’ll need some training…

Most people will agree that parenting is still the single most difficult job on the planet!  As a parent, you have volunteered yourself to become your child’s primary role model and teacher.  You are responsible for building the foundation for which he/she will build their self-esteem.   This could be a very difficult responsibility if you’re not prepared for that important life challenge!scared-and-sweating-smiley-emoticon

And, if you’re like most new parents, you probably think that since their is no “parent manual”, you will have to try raise a happy, healthy and well-balanced child using one or both of these parenting choices:

PARENTING OPTION #1:  Risking the “trail and error” method and hoping your child turns out for the best!
PARENTING OPTION #2:  Using the old-school, out-dated, parenting advice from your parents!

Every good, responsible and loving parent would never intentionally “risk” their child’s health and happiness by using “trial and error” or “old-school” parenting on their child. 

DON’T WORRY!  There’s a NEW option now…


 PARENTING OPTION #3:  Responsible Parenting using Best-Parenting Practices.

This parenting option enables you to be the healthy, confident and unconditionally-loving parent you need to be to ensure your child’s health and happiness and a peaceful, balanced family life. 

RESPONSIBLE PARENTING: Essential Parent Training
The New-Age Parenting Solution to "Old-School" Trial and Error!

chess board fingers

Reiki Rita uses the analogy of a chess board to teach parents how every  decision they make for their child is based on how they feel about themselves!


money in hand

Since money is the universal language we all understand, Reiki Rita uses the analogy of money to prove how a parent’s energy is the “key” to achieving work / home balance – not money!



dad and daughter

The reason family relationships become dysfunctional is because they lack the emotional “glue” that keeps them together — which is, open, honest, respectful COMMUNICATION! 


What My Clients are saying...

I have had many Reiki healing session’s with Rita. Each one left me much better.
I have personal growth and change from the healings. She knows her stuff all
of it. I have truly benefited from Rita.

Steven Barber

Rita has an outstanding philosophy and outlook on life. She helps people reach new levels and pours herself into others selflessly. She is outstanding and I am honored to recommend her to the world.

Gerry Visca

Red Chair Branding

Rita is a true believer in her work and makes you feel that you belong to a greater whole. She is compassionate and cares for all her clients. I would highly recommend her!

Pacifica Virzi

I have been suffering with anxiety for years. Had 2 sessions with Rita & feel that my feelings of stress & anxiety are gone. Thanks & a big shout out to Reiki Rita!!!

Stephanie MacIntyre