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Monthly Archives: Oct 2014

7 Reasons Why You ARE NOT Emotionally Ready for Parenthood!

Being emotionally prepared is a very important requirement in order to raise healthy, well-adjusted children through unconditional love – yet, it is often overlooked by many new parents!

As a result, people who lack healthy self-esteem and self-confidence become parents for all the “wrong” reasons.  Their parenting styles become fear-based, controlling and expressed through unhealthy “conditional love” unconsciously unaware of the harm they are subjecting their child to.

Many people become parents unconsciously.  Often they give little or no serious thought about the life-long commitment they are about to step into.  Even with all the information available today, many people remain disillusioned or in denial of what their role of parent will realistically be once their baby is born.  And, trust me, if I can give you one piece of valuable parenting advice – DO NOT STEP INTO PARENTHOOD EMOTIONALLY UNPREPARED – like I did!

Do you feel emotionally prepared for parenthood?  Let’s put your emotions to the test. Here are the 7 reasons you might NOT be ready yet…
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