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reikiThe Japanese word “Reiki” is broken down into two components – REI which stands for universal life energy, while KI or CHI is the vital energy life force. Unlike popular belief, REIKI is not a new-age fad or trend! In fact, it originated in ancient Tibet thousands of years ago and was rediscovered in the mid-1800′s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.

Since everything, including ourselves, is composed of energy, it only makes sense that we would have the ability to restore and rebalance energy. Reiki is a natural healing technique that replenishes ones CHI energy by means of the Universal energy channeled by healers in order to induce healing and well being.

It is a gentle “hands on” energy healing, non evasive and safe to administer on children, the elderly and even your beloved pets. It is as I tell my clients, “a huge dose of unconditional love!”

Reiki governs under the principle of offering love and compassion from the universe or God to all that seek healing and at the same time, letting go of the outcome and trusting in the direction and spiritual intelligence of your higher self to do exactly what is needed for your own good!

For some people, Reiki seems so simple that they can’t believe it can work because most people are familiar with more evasive methods of traditional healing that tend to focus on a client’s “symptom” whereby Reiki has a spiritual intelligence of its own and will work through layers of a client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues in order to establish and heal the source or root of the problem.

BENEFITS of Reiki…

  • Reiki is unconditional love – the exact opposite of fear
  • Reiki will help you release your fears and insecurities
  • Reiki encourages hope for healthy change
  • Reiki is the truth – Remember, the admission of truth hurts temporarily, but heals permanently!
  • Reiki is Love = Love Heals = Reiki Heals


Reiki heals all 4 areas of your life and well being:

  Physical – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual

Accelerates healing – supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
Cleanses the body of toxins
Balances the flow of blocked/imbalanced energy
Relieves muscular tension and relaxes the body
Aids in peaceful rest and sleep
Increases energy and vitality
Diminishes pain and discomfort

Relieves stress; calms an over-active mind
Offers better clarity, focus, and understanding
Enhances ability to concentrate
Improves mental well-being

Offers emotional balance
Focus on replacing negativity with gratitude
Sense of safety, security and release
Overall feeling of emotional well-being and happiness
Feelings of contentment, peace, and love
Releases fears and insecurities
Healing of past hurts, i.e., closure, trauma

Increases intuition
Revitalizes both body and soul by establishing spiritual equilibrium
Offers connection with Universal/Spiritual Guides and/or Angels
Aids in channeling of crossed-over loved ones
Past-life awareness and healing

energyThe true essence of Reiki is a pure heart filled with compassion and a genuine desire on the part of the healer to want to help and an equally genuine desire for the client to want to heal from their pain.

This might seem very obvious, however, it has been my experience that some people may say they want to heal their life, but the truth of the matter is, some would rather hold on to the pain and suffering. PITIFUL or POWERFUL? Many people are afraid of their own potential and once you heal the obstacle or source of pain from where they initially have been losing all their energy, they now enter a state of becoming more powerful. Unfortunately for some people, this new change in their life can cause them to feel anxious or fearful because they are unsure or uncomfortable about how to live as a “powerful” person. They might even choose to regress back to their initial comfort zone thereby blocking the ability to truly heal their life. The good news is that because I specialize in emotional healing, together we would work through this new healthier approach to change by use of Reiki and Spiritual Counsel.

There is no wrong way to administer Reiki because it has an intelligence of its own meaning it will flow exactly where it needs to for the benefit of each individual person. Also, because each client’s needs are very unique, the benefits received from a Reiki session will differ between each client. Even returning clients can expect each session to feel different based on the type of healing required for them at that specific time in their life.

chakra use thisChakras are the energy centers in the body that serve as the gateways for the flow of essential energy and life into the physical body. Reiki healers focus on the seven key chakras during a session – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. These chakras are known in Sanskrit as “spinning wheel” and they spin both in the front and back of us all day long giving and receiving energy.

Each chakra reacts and responds to energy and vibration and are connected to certain organs and emotions. So if you are surrounded by lower vibration ie. stress and negativity for example, the energy flow of the chakra can become out of balance or blocked as a result of your lifestyle choices. Over time, this will start to breakdown the energy field (or aura) around you until it eventually shows up as illness in your physical body. That’s usually when the “flag” goes up for most people and they now realize that they must do something to better themselves. This is why I always encourage preventative practices versus waiting until a doctor tells you that you are sick.

“Please make the time to be well; otherwise, you will need to find the time to be sick!” ~ Reiki Rita

Chakras become blocked or imbalanced by unresolved emotions that have not been released. Most people choose to bury their feelings and not deal with them, somehow thinking that this option is the healthiest. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is those buried emotions still live within their aura and will go no where until they are dealt with. Even when an emotional issue or event happened so many years ago, it cannot just be discarded. Otherwise it will show us as a physical illness somewhere down the road!

Through Reiki, these blocked or imbalanced chakras are individually re-balanced by placing the hands on or directly above the energy centers, allowing for the release of the blocked energies thereby restoring it back to a balanced state. If you are releasing a chronic issue such as Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, etc., it will take some time to work through the layers of resolved emotional issues. Some clients tend to exhaust all methods of conventional medicine before considering holistic alternatives then if that does work, they are under the impression that one or two sessions of Reiki will. Note that Reiki will initially make you feel calmer and more energetic but please remember that it would have taken time for you to become ill, therefore, you must also be willing now to take the time to heal again too!

“Healing one’s self takes time and commitment. Please be patient with yourself and make the time because you will find you ARE truly worth it!” ~ Reiki Rita

Reiki Rita 2For new clients, I take the time to thoroughly explain what Reiki is, how it works and what they can expect to feel during their session. I take the time to listen to the client’s health concerns and the reason for their visit. Listening to my clients is very important to me as it builds trust and ensures them that it is safe to open up and release any anxiety or fear they might initially be feeling about their situation or Reiki itself.

Clients are then asked to relax comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, and surrounded by soothing music in a peaceful setting while Reiki is administered through the seven key chakras. Generally, the feeling most commonly experienced is that of complete surrender and an overwhelming sense of peace and love. It is not uncommon for a client to feel so relaxed that they fall asleep during the session. If a client does not have any known allergies, I also compliment their REIKI SPA TREATEMENT with a relaxing foot massage with essential oils along with a combination ofhealing crystals, meditation and music – all of which offer additional healing potential and makes the client’s experience much more powerful.

I have over 14+ years of Reiki experience and through my journey as a healer, I continuously work on my own personal healing as well and openly share my experiences with my clients because it makes them take comfort in their own healing journey by realizing that healing is possible if they really want to commit to change. As a result of my own spiritual growth, I have developed the use of channeling and intuitive spiritual guidance through my Reiki healings and teachings.

Afterwards, water is provided to the client and they are encouraged to continue hydrating themselves and getting proper rest in order for further healing to take place and to encourage the continuous release of toxins from their body. I then take the time to listen to the client’s personal experience of what they felt during their session while offering an intuitive interpretation of both their feedback and mine during the Reiki session.

At all times, I am very conscious to offering all my clients a very professional and ethical experience.

multi mom

Whenever you say you don’t have the time, what you really mean is you DON’T HAVE THE ENERGY! 

  please make the time to be well, otherwise, you will have to find the time to be sick! ~ Reiki Rita
Dear friend, come enjoy a boost of energy while relaxing on a comfortable massage table, in a candle-lit room, while listening to meditation music surrounded by the aroma of essential oils while having your feet massaged and wrapped in hot towels.  My clients say my Reiki sessions are more relaxing than a massage!  Come experience it for yourself…



60 minute Reiki Session = $80

4 x 60 minute Reiki Sessions = $285  (SAVE $35)




1 – Year Reiki Sessions (12 x 60 minute) = $799 (SAVE $161) 




Reiki Rita explains what Reiki is...


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Simple “TRUTHS” about Reiki
  • Reiki is not like massage! Reiki energy utilizes the use of meridians, not muscles (much like what acupuncturists use); it does not in any way manipulate the skin or tissues.
  • You are always fully clothed during a treatment.
  • Reiki is safe to receive every day and as often as required.
  • Adults, children, elderly, pets and plants can all enjoy the benefits of Reiki.
  • Reiki does not cause any harm and will not work if any harm or negative thoughts are intended.
  • Reiki is pure love, compassion and good intent!
  • Reiki has a strong spiritual component – but is not a religion!
  • Reiki does not “discriminate”. Its benefits can be felt by all that are open to heal.
  • Ideally one uses a massage table for a treatment, but it can also be done anywhere and at any time regardless of the environment.
  • Reiki is safe to use while undertaking prescription drugs. It will only help compliment your healing, not hinder.
  • Reiki offers “side benefits” not side affects!
  • The Reiki Practitioner’s energy is never depleted during a treatment, as it is not their energy that is being channeled – it is that of the universal life energy!
  • The Reiki Practitioner will also receive the benefits of Reiki along with the client during a session since they are acting as a channel for the energy to flow.
  • Although the technique and hand positions used by most Reiki Practitioners are similar, each session is always very customized and unique to each client and each session. The client will always experience the necessary healing they require for whatever is happening in their life at any given time.
  • There is a definite difference in the Reiki experience from Practitioner to Practitioner. I equate this truth from client feedback. It seems the more enlightened the Reiki Practitioner appears coupled with higher levels of client compassion along with the openness of the client to want to heal, the Reiki experience becomes far more powerful and effective.