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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: healing from family dysfunction
...awakened my passion to want to help others heal.

#energy, #reikiRita Roberts, also known as Reiki Rita, is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Parent Educator.

Rita completely walks her talk having successfully overcome many of her own devastating life challenges such as being raised and estranged by a dysfunctional family, post-partum depression, divorce, single-parenthood, numerous job losses and surviving off government assistance while raising her three children alone.  In spite of her experiences, Rita positions herself as a child advocate whose vision is to raise global awareness on the harmful affects of unconscious negative parenting.

Reiki Rita is dedicated to educating parents on the importance of raising their children consciously with unconditional love using best-parenting practices.  She believes that once parents understand the importance of energy and how it directly impacts their self-esteem, parenting style and family life; this will create healthy social change that will allow every child the opportunity to have a healthy, happy and authentic life!

There is an unspoken rule that is subconsciously passed down from generation to generation that dictates that we are to remain loyal, proud, discreet, and forever dedicated to our biological families—no matter what the price.  Parents with Price Tags illustrates many of the common family issues that leave some family members feeling unloved, disrespected, frustrated, angry, and that they have no choice but to either conform to old-school family traditions and unrealistic obligations or run the risk of being disowned by their families.

In her book, through the story of her own dysfunctional family, Reiki Rita brings a realistic and practical approach to understanding the negative effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family environment and offers solid solutions to break free from the generational cycle of negative family conditioning brought on by fear and control. Learn how to turn your life around and “re-parent” yourself in order to build a healthy self-esteem and to incorporate best-parenting practices while raising your children with unconditional love.

Parents With Price Tags
Heal Yourself of Family Dysfunction and Learn to Love Your Children Unconditionally

#parenting, #familyIn this book you will also learn to – recognize many common family problems and why they exist; identify issues in your family, understand why and how they affect you, and learn healthier alternatives to family life; replace feelings of fear and hopelessness with feelings of love and hope; stop being controlled and take control of your own life; find self-love and self-respect; embrace your true self; and find the courage to live the life you deserve by taking the necessary steps that will change your life and lead you to inner peace and genuine happiness—guilt-free!

Who would benefit from reading my book?

Parents – parents-to-be, new parents, parents with adult children, couples considering parenthood, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents, guardians, etc.

Adult Childrenstruggling with: feeling unloved, low self worth, low self esteem, sibling rivalry, favoritism, needy parents, controlling parents, victim parents, playing the role of a parent, family obligation, guilt, dealing with family drama, neglect, abuse, abandonment, addiction issues, etc.

Parents at Risk – going through a divorce, dealing with post-partum depression, challenging children, single-parenthood, etc.

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