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When Breaking Up Is All You Can Do

By Rita Roberts

How do you know when ending your marriage is the right choice for you?

No one can or should answer that question except you. Only you know what is in your heart.  However, you may want to consider some advice on how to recognize the signs that your marriage is headed for divorce.

Although each marriage is as unique as the couple, there are still some common reasons that can lead a marriage to divorce. 

Any one of the situations below may be telling you that it is time to divorce:

Emotionally Out-Growing Your Partner.

When one or both people go through a critical life change, such as infidelity, family death, an addiction problem, a job loss, or a major health setback, the experience can have a huge negative emotional impact on the core foundation of a marriage.

Even though you are a couple, each person will process the change differently, usually one more positively and the other one more negatively. When this happens, both people begin to struggle to share the same values, opinions, and beliefs as the other when once both saw eye-to-eye with each other.

The positive-minded partner tends to be more open to doing any of the necessary self-work or emotional healing required to bring them to a place of acceptance as a result of the life change. The outcome usually leaves them feeling as though they have experienced some form of personal transformation. 

Whereby, it alters their values, beliefs, and perception of the way they now view the world and themselves.  However, the negative-minded partner typically refuses to change and unfortunately remains stuck in their pain and longing for their old life before the change occurred. And unfortunately, their differences can ultimately threaten the foundation of their marriage.

The only way they can ensure continued emotional growth in their marriage is for the negative or “stuck” person to emotionally want to heal as well so that their marriage can continue to grow and they can evolve as a couple. Or at the very least, both will need to agree to adapt to each others differences and agree to disagree so they can continue to grow together emotionally. 

Unfortunately, if both people cannot adapt to each other’s new version of reality and/or are not willing to at least empathize with the other’s choices; this can create a major emotional wedge between them causing a separation of the hearts. Soon the couple begin to feel estranged from each other resulting in the absence of any further emotional growth and a loss of love between them. This is also commonly known as falling out of love with each other.

This emotional disconnect, or love loss, is often the result of one partner stagnating and remaining stuck due to their fear or resistance to change and the other continuing to grow as a person and evolving without them.  This is referred to as emotionally “out-growing” your partner.

Poor or No Communication.

Another major contributor for the deterioration of a marriage is bad communication. It’s amazing how many couples never communicate their true feelings to each other. As a result, without the couple even knowing how or why it happened, they lose their emotional connection with each other. This is the beginning of the end of their marriage.

Loss of Desire to Be Together.

If the relationship reaches a place where one or both partner’s heart is no longer in the game and it takes more energy than they are willing to devote to fixing it, this is a sure sign that the passion is gone and divorce becomes inevitable.

Whatever the reasons are for a marriage to end in divorce, one thing is true for both people, they will need to emotionally heal and grieve the loss of their marriage and from all the mixed emotions that arise as a result of their breakup, especially if they co-parent children together as well. 

They must be willing to heal through each emotional layer in order to let go of their old hurtful past and make room for a new happier future for their good and good of their children. Otherwise, they will continue to harbour anger and resentment and begin adopting a victim mentality.

There is often one person in the marriage who is more in favour of getting divorced than the other person.  Rarely do both individuals want a divorce at the exact same time. Although at first, both may not be consciously aware that their marriage is deteriorating, at a deeper level they realize that they are growing apart and that their relationship has worsened, causing them to fear what comes next. 

At this point, they tend to slip comfortably into denial until one of them finds the emotional strength to stop denying what is happening to the relationship and finally asks the other for a divorce.  Other married couples may spend the rest of their lives denying the truth of their unhappiness, allowing fear to keep them stuck in an unhappy marriage.

Whatever the situation that leads a couple to want to separate or divorce, know this…that the truth about their marriage and what happened, what didn’t happen always ends up getting exposed in the end. Often the truth behind a person’s reasons for wanting a divorce may hurt their partner or perhaps, even devastate them; however, when the truth eventually does come out, it can prove to be quite emotionally freeing.  

Once the person gets over the initial shock and takes the time they need to heal from their pain, they often admit to having known deep down that there had been problems in the marriage, but they were too afraid to address them because they believed that admitting the truth out loud would only compromise the relationship further.  Ironically, it is often the partner who is in self-denial regarding the deterioration of the relationship that is the one that contributes the most to the final breakdown of the marriage.

If you are reading this right now, perhaps it’s because you or someone you care about deeply is seriously contemplating a divorce due to feeling unhappy.  As a healer who has coached many unhappy clients back into happiness, my advice to you is this…if you have done all you can do and said all you can say to help save your marriage and your heart is still unhappy, then find the courage to face your fears and be brutally honest with your feelings.

Because in the end, only the truth truly sets our hearts free to be who we are meant to be and it’s every person’s birthright to live a free and happy life – including you!

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The “Root” Cause of a Bitter Divorce is Revenge!

A common social belief is that “money is the root of all evil”.  When, in fact, it’s FEAR that’s the root of all evil, not money! 

Sadly, this is often the case in a bitter divorce settlement. Many ex-wives fight for unrealistic alimony as a means of financial “payback” and punishment for the emotional pain and suffering they are convinced is their ex-husband’s fault.

The sad truth is that it is nothing more than a false sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, over time their negative energy will transform them from the once loving, confident, happy wife to the unrecognizable fearful, insecure, angry ex-wife whose main purpose is to seek bitter revenge on her ex-husband. Many women are willing to spend outrageous legal fees in the hopes of gaining some cruel satisfaction in watching him suffer financially. Playing the role of victim to her circumstances, she is often unaware that engaging in unnecessary monetary power struggles, sometimes for years, resolves nothing. It is only the symptom of a deeper-rooted fear. In fact, it serves nothing more than to encourage even MORE fear!

Whenever we lose energy to fear-based negative thoughts and emotions, this invites our Ego to take over and control our reality.

Naturally, when your long-term, financially-reliable husband announces to you that he wants a divorce, the initial shock could have a diverse negative effect on you, especially if you never saw it coming. As a result, after the initial shock, anger steps in to mask the fear of your new reality. And, if you haven’t worked on healing your pain, the next harmful emotion you’ll experience as a divorce victim is the desire to seek revenge! And, if you don’t believe me, ask yourself if you sound like this…“You never have to say sorry to me, because I’ll go out of my way to make sure that you are!”

Understandably, your negative emotions are based on the legitimate fear of having to start over again and create a new life for yourself and your children.  Getting divorced means having to uproot your familiar life, adjust to being alone, single and dating again, fear of the unknown and having to take complete responsibility to ensure your survival from now on. In your defense, and from my own personal experience, uprooting a familiar, financially-stable life and establishing a new “unfamiliar” life can be extremely frightening. Not to mention co-parenting and/or becoming a single mom too!

However, what you need to be aware of is that your fear and anger, also known as Ego, will uproot and awaken your instinctive need to “fight” for your survival.  Therefore, as a way of unconsciously securing your survival and attempting to restore what’s left of your shattered self-confidence, your Ego will take control but, unfortunately, in a negative way.

The need to control through alimony:

Since divorce relinquishes your ability to control your husband any longer, it’s not unusual to want to feel in control of something or someone! As sweet and tempting as the opportunity to seek financial revenge feels in order to punish your hurtful, freedom-seeking, perhaps gallivanting, husband and comfort your emotional pain don’t do it!  Or don’t continue to do it.  Even with all the legal cards stacked in your favor, you will unconsciously be creating your own energetic “payback” for the negative karma as a result of your vengeful intentions. Take it from a 14+ year veteran in energy healing, it WILL show up as either constant bad luck, anxiety, depression, financial struggle, poor health or the inability to find authentic love!

By now, we all know that money does not buy happiness. Therefore, ask yourself.  Are you fighting with your ex to receive a fair retainer for your contribution to the marriage OR are you using the legal system as a means to control and punish your husband to satisfy your emotional pain? Remember, we never invest our time in anything we won’t benefit from whether it’s positive or negative. So if you are still battling your ex about money, be honest with yourself and ask yourself “why?”

Just because you have the right to seek financial support in order to satisfy your desire of financial deprivation or punishment toward your ex-spouse doesn’t mean you should take it! On the other hand, you should seek financial support if there are children involved and you were a stay-at-home mom and have no marketable work skills.

Ironically, the only one who reaps the benefits when couples fight over revenge alimony payments is both your divorce lawyers!  Alimony is NOT mandatory nor will it ensure your survival or make you happy, it will only raise your energetic vibration will!  In fact, speaking as a divorced woman myself, it is nothing more than a legally entitled excuse that encourages amazing, powerful women like you to remain small and dependent.  Don’t be pitiful – choose Powerful instead of revenge alimony! How can you be “fiercely independent” when you’re willingly choosing to remain locked into your past? The only thing you will achieve is cheating yourself from building a new life based on happiness, optimum health, and personal empowerment!

Remember, it’s easy to inflict pain and suffering on others, especially on those that we believe have wronged us or hurt us deeply.  Keep in mind that you once loved this person and they loved you. Channel your energy into forgiving him and forgiving yourself too. It took two to make your marriage work and it took two to break it as well. So if you are in the midst of engaging in unnecessary monetary power struggles with your ex, fighting for support money you don’t need, please understand that this is only a “Band-Aid solution” to addressing the real symptom which is your fear of being vulnerable, embracing change and starting over. The only way to be truly free of the bonds that once tied you is by taking complete ownership of your independence!

Money will not heal your pain, love will. And, love will heal you too if you have the courage to rip off your revenge alimony Band-Aid!


Reiki Rita does not feel that all women who seek alimony do so out of a desire for revenge. I fully understand that alimony can be the only thing between a woman or man and poverty. If you sincerely need alimony to survive and remain financially secure, I encourage you to seek alimony.

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