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#energy, #reikiREIKI RITA is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Parent Educator and Speaker.  Through her book, “Parents with Price Tags“, she expresses her role as child advocate and her dedication to raising global awareness on the importance of creating healthy, unconditionally-loving families through PRO-ACTIVE PARENTING.

Reiki Rita enjoys teaching parents on the importance of unconditional self-love and how it directly impacts their happiness, family life, parenting style, child’s well-being and all their relationships – with themselves, their family, friends, work, etc. 

Through a unique series of interactive gaming workshops, Reiki Rita MOTIVATES, INSPIRES, ENTERTAINS and EDUCATES 21st Century Parents on how they can create a positive, healthy, loving family environment even in today’s busy, mostly-negative, high-stressed world just by achieving WORK-LIFE BALANCE through unconditional self-love.

If your organization would like to book REIKI RITA for a speaking engagement, please contact her directly at:

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Parents With Price Tags

Bonnici_ParentswithPriceTags_frontcover_web (3)Author of, “PARENTS WITH PRICETAGS”Heal Yourself of Family Dysfunction and Learn to Love Your Children Unconditionally.

If you would like to book REIKI RITA for a speaking engagement, please call 416-457-3089 or