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The Signs Are Always There – “My Reiki Stone”


My favorite teacher was, Judy Cameron.  She was my grade 5 teacher and she was not only nice but she actually enjoyed teaching her students and it showed.  Each year with every new class she got, she would take the time to learn something special or unique about each of her students (even the less rambunctious ones!).  It could have been something funny they did, a special physical feature or a habit they had or even an common saying they had.  Whatever it was, Miss Cameron found it. 

Then at the end of the year, she would put together a very detailed tape recording where a make-shift reporter would pretend to interview each student in the class and ask them a question about themselves and then Miss Cameron would take her time to find a unique verse from a popular song that would be the answer to the question.

The answer would always make the class laugh hysterically.  I realize now, that my teacher was very committed to making each of her students feel appreciated, special and feel like we all belonged.  She never singled out any of the kids or made one feel less important than the next.  She also knew that laughter had a way of helping us all let go of our inhibitions and teach us not to take ourselves so seriously sometimes.  Perhaps this is an old and very valuable lesson that needs to be put back into our educational system.  The world has become such a serious and cynical place.  Laughter raises our vibration which helps boost our immune system which keeps us healthy and more energetic.  All good things!  This is why I liked Miss Cameron so much.  She was real and she had a way of making learning fun.

Then one day, Miss Cameron announced to the class that she was getting married and moving away.  My heart sunk.  I was going to miss her so much and I felt bad for all the new kids that would never get to know her like I did.  Because she was moving, she told the class that she was giving away a few things that she didn’t need any more.  One of the items was a beautiful, large gem stone.   As a child, I used to collect shells and rocks and caterpillars (don’t ask..ha!) so my heart wanted that beautiful stone so badly.  Not only because I collected them, but because it would be a nostalgic memory from my favorite teacher.  Also, somehow, I knew it belonged with me!

Miss Cameron told the class that if anyone wanted to have any of the items that we would have to come ask her for it at the end of the class.  “ASK!!”  I wasn’t raised to ask for anything.  And for those of you who don’t know me yet, when I was a child, I was extremely shy!  I grew up in a very strict home and I was one of five girls and you knew better than to ask for something you wanted.  So throughout the remainder of the class, all I could think about was how I was ever going to muster up enough courage to overcome my shyness and my fear of confronting Miss Cameron to ASK for the stone?  Even then, I prayed.  Soon I found my courage and I asked.  Believe it or not, it is still with me today.  In fact, it has survived at least 4 moves and never got lost.  It sits proudly in my Reiki Room and up until 1 year ago, I just realized that the Reiki Room is exactly where it belongs!

While teaching a Reiki class one day, I decided to take the time to finally figure out what type of gem stone it was.  It turns out that this amazing stone I got from my favorite teacher almost 40 years ago is called a, PINK MANGANOCALCITE, sometimes called the “Reiki Stone”.    Coincidence??  I think not…

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  • Nice post Maureen We can think ourselves in and out of aynthing But We are basically who we are We become who we are through life’s experiences Yes we can change somewhat and do change quite a bit with education and understanding Happiness and Depression comes and goes its how we learn to Cope Memories are ever lasting one can’t erase their data base you learn to deal with it accept it and move on It brings to mind the saying of the Little Train that could I think I can.. I think can I think I can with a little struggle You Can .

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