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micorphoneReiki Rita uses her understanding of energy when discussing these unique workshops.  She has a very direct, yet realistic way of explaining how these subjects directly impact the health, stability and happiness of a family.  Due to popular social belief, people have been led to think that the road to positive change is a very difficult or even impossible one.  However,  nothing could be further from the truth….This common untruth only allows hurtful, negative family dysfunction to continue in our society, generation after generation. 

Reiki Rita will encourage your group to put the power of positive change into their own hands.  They will learn to understand in a very simple, yet realistic way, how  “Energy Awareness” can be applied to any challenging life scenario and how to change it.  Since, everything is energy, your group will take home the essential tools of energy awareness which will enable them to create positive change in their lives by achieving happiness through work / home balance. 

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"Get Honest With Your Emotions"

Blog pic dyfunctionAnxiety and Depression have become a social epidemic in today’s society.  Both are fear-based emotions and energy zappers!

Identify common areas of negative energy loss in family relationships and why denial remains the “socially-accepted” solution to hiding emotional pain.  

Being in denial of your unhappiness requires a lot of energy!  Reiki Rita discusses how negative family relationships can directly influence and harm your self-esteem and cause fear-based emotions, such as anxiety and depression.

“When the family foundation cracks, everyone gets hurt!”

divorceWhether you’re considering divorce, an ex-spouse, a child of divorce, or a family member or a mutual friend of a divorced couple, everyone becomes effected when a family breaks up.   Loved ones are often left confused about how it will affect their relationships with the divorcing couple.

Reiki Rita discusses , from an energetic perspective, the realities of divorce from each person’s perspective and the social misconceptions that causes energy loss due to anger, confusion and negativity.

Living Authentically Happy!

authenticThe reason so many people are unhappy is because they are living a lie.  You lose vital life energy by not loving yourself unconditionally and living an “unauthentic” life.

Reiki Rita discusses WHAT unconditional self-love is, and WHY it’s important in order to be authentic and live a life with purpose, and HOW to love yourself unconditionally! Learn how living authentically helps eliminate negative experiences and people in your life and is the key to a healthy, happy life! 

Being addicted means your energetically off balance!"

addictedMost people are all addicted to something – drugs, alcohol, sex, work, food, sugar,  drama, reality tv, Facebook, your cell phone.  If you can think of it, there’s probably someone addicted to it!  It is only when we become energetically imbalanced that it becomes a problem – an “addiction”!

Reiki Rita discusses the social stigma to judge addictive behaviour as either good or bad when really it’s just an energetic imbalance that causes the craving.  She will explain the energetic connection between critical thinking, fear-based emotions and how it can lead to addictive behaviour. 

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NOTE: All talks will be customized to meet the needs of your group!