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Giving birth to your child might have come naturally, but parenting your child will not! 


Reiki Rita’s Responsible Parenting – Essential Parent Training Course is like no other!  The course consists of 3 unique interactive parenting workshops which offer parent’s a holistic, yet practical, approach to modern-day parenting.  Parents learn how to replace their common parenting fears with unconditional love and confident parenting skills.  Parents learn to value the importance of energy in their daily lives and how it relates to their health, happiness and the quality of their family lives.  A parent’s energy level also directly impacts their parenting style – negatively or positively, their self-confidence, their health and happiness and their ability to achieve a peaceful work/home balance. 

NOTE:  This one-of-a kind RESPONSIBLE PARENTING Essential Training Course was inspired and created by Reiki Rita with the loving intention of protecting every child’s authenticity by replacing harmful family dysfunction with healthy functional families. 

Just imagine if YOU were the type of parent that…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????–  Has LOTS OF ENERGY and enjoys parenthood because it doesn’t feel like work.
–  FEELS CONFIDENT, valued, motivated and in control.
–  Has a BALANCED LIFE – where everyday stress is manageable not overwhelming.
–  Has FREE TIME – to pamper yourself and do things you really enjoy doing. 
–  Has children who unconditionally love and respect you; a peaceful family life with NO POWER STRUGGLES or DRAMA.
–  Has HEALTHY CHILDREN who are happy with themselves and their siblings?
–  Has healthy relationships with your family – no drama – everyone respects and understands each other?
–  Has a partner who shares all the parenting, household chores and financial responsibilities?

WHAT IF…I told you that you could stop imagining and be this type of parent and have this lifestyle – RIGHT NOW?

Create Your Healthy, Happy Family – Holistically!

Most people will agree that the role of parent is still, by far, the most difficult job to master!  Parents are not only responsible for their own health and well-being but also their children’s by creating a healthy family foundation in which they can grow.  However, even the most conscientious, loving parents admit that when dealing with the daily demands of parenting, they’re often left frustrated, stressed out, or too tired to make healthy decisions that express unconditional love towards their children.

More than ever before, today’s parents are under a tremendous amount of pressure trying to maintain a healthy work / home balance while juggling all the demands on their time including children, home, career, relationships, health, finances, extended family, friends, etc.  Most parents are completely exhausted and trying to function on very little energy.

This lack of energy, time and “no parent manual”, forces parents to continue to rely on the old-school parenting advise of their parents, television or the internet to teach them responsible parenting – rather than developing healthy parenting skills on their own.  Unfortunately, they eventually realize that these parenting strategies are out-dated and no longer work with today’s generation of children and society’s expectations.  Children are now exposed to a very liberal, diverse and technically-advanced world with a natural understanding of energy.  So parents would be wise to stop parenting through “trial and error” and learn the art of healthy responsible conscious parenting. 

Conscious Parenting means learning specific skills including healthy communication, practicing unconditional self-love and work / home balance. 


RESPONSIBLE PARENTING: Essential Parent Training



Reiki Rita combines her extensive knowledge of energy healing, spiritual life coaching and over 25+ years of direct parenting experience, to teach parents a proven and effective way to enjoy the parenting experience while building a healthy family foundation with unconditional love.   

BENEFITS to Learned Parenting?

Did you know that approximately 80% of all families have some form of dysfunction.  Oddly, society still believes this is “normal” and acceptable behaviour!  Since you are your child’s role model and teacher, your child’s health and happiness depends on you!  Responsible conscious parents know that in order to be a good and confident parent, they will need to devote their time and energy to learning the art of healthy parenting. 

Benefits include:

  • Learning the basics about energy and how it impacts yours and your children’s health and self-esteem
  • Learning how to be a successful parent (not a perfect one!)
  • How to create a peaceful family environment
  • How to raise respectful, healthy, happy and well-adjusted children
  • How to create and maintain a healthy family foundation
  • How to manage and cope with the daily demands of being a modern parent in the 21st century
  • The importance of raising and maintaining your personal energy level
  • Learn how to attract positive experiences into your personal and family life
  • How to eliminate or change any negative or unwanted drama – at work, family, friends, etc.
  • Understand the value of energy and how it influences your thoughts, emotions, behaviour, experiences and the type of parent you are!

The 3 Steps to Creating A Healthy, Happy, Loving Family

STEP #1:  PARENT SELF-ESTEEM:  Since parents are their child’s role models and teachers, parents will learn how their self-esteem influences their child’s self-esteem.

STEP #2: WORK / HOME BALANCE:  Learn how “balanced energy” is the key to achieving work happiness and a peaceful family life.

STEP #3:  CONSCIOUS PARENTING:  Parents learn to respect and nurture their own needs and the unique needs of all their children through best-parenting practices. 


Workshops teach parents how to:

parent school–  Address any common parenting fears or insecurities in a safe, relaxed environment
–  Become part of a unique and compassionate parent support group
–  Learn how to raise your energy and positive parenting strategies for stress
–  Experience a strong sense of belonging  and bonding with other parents
–  Learn what conscious parenting is and how to become one
–  Develop new friendships with other like-minded parents
–  Learn the importance of parent self-esteem and how it impacts your child’s self-esteem
–  Learn valuable life skills and practical parenting coping tools – feel in control and in balance

 TIRED, EXHAUSTED, UNMOTIVATED – NEED MORE ENERGY?  Come experience for yourself how simple, fun and practical raising your energy is.  You’ll wonder how you ever survived parenthood before this course!

Workshop Format

The best way to learn a new skill is by practicing it first hand by putting some skin in the game!  This unique Responsible Parenting course consists of 3 parent workshops.  Each combined of both lecture and interactive gaming that encourage parents to learn new skills while participating in real-life parent / family scenarios.  Parents will learn new skills, laugh, have fun, make new friends and go home with easy, practical parenting tools they can use in their everyday life!

Who should attend?

  1. PARENTS:  parents-to-be, new parents, parents with adult children, couples considering parenthood, grandparents, step- parents, foster parents, guardians, etc.
  2. PARENTS AT RISK:  separated or divorced, dealing with post-partum depression, parent with challenging children, single-parenthood, anxious or depressed parents, parents with low self-esteem, parents with children with low self-esteem or addictive personality disorders
  3. ADULTS: suffering from addictive behaviour, low self-esteem, low energy, work / home imbalance, chronic fatigue, low or no motivation



If it’s not safe for you to drive without learning how, why would you risk parenting without learning how?
Responsible parents would never dream of driving their car “blindly” while carrying their most precious cargo in the back seat.  Therefore, conscious parenting means never attempting to raise your precious children “blindly” without attending the RESPONSIBLE PARENTING Essential Training Course.  Please choose to parent responsibly and consciously by learning best-parenting practices in order to ensure your children’s health, happiness and well-being!