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Healing One Family At A Time!

 “I believe when children are encouraged to grow into their authentic selves, competition will not exist and the world will be peaceful.” ~ Reiki Rita

Reiki Rita is a true crusader!  Her passion for building a healthy world where EVERY child would be safe, happy and feel unconditionally loved by their parents – comes alive when she speaks. 

Many parents have no idea what encompasses a genuine healthy family. In fact, many of today’s families are held together by fear and control rather than unconditional love and mutual respect.

“One of my greatest passions is to help transform the unconscious parent into the conscious unconditionally-loving parent! ~ Reiki Rita

BUILDING A HEALTHIER WORLD:  Reiki Rita’s vision is to create a love-based world for all our children by putting a stop to generations of continuous unconscious parenting using “trial and error” and replacing it with CONFIDENT CONSCIOUS PARENTING instead! This will help preserve and protect each child’s health, happiness and authenticity by educating parents on the impact their own happiness and self-esteem has on their children’s health and well-being.  She believes that educating parents to be conscious unconditionally-loving will help eliminate dysfunctional families and create a healthier humanity for our children and future generations.

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Course:  “RESPONSIBLE PARENTING” Essential Parent Training”

Reiki Rita is a powerful and influential Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Parent Educator.  Through her book “Parents with Price Tags”, she expresses her role as child advocate by educating parents on the necessity of incorporating best-parenting practices,  also known as Conscious Parenting when raising their children.  

Her vision is to replace unhealthy re-active “blind” parenting with HEALTHY PRO-ACTIVE LEARNED PARENTING. She uses a unique blend of humour, compassion, energy awareness and social urgency when stressing the importance of challenging the status quo by no longer permitting parents to raise children without learning essential parenting skills prior to parenthood. Her philosophy is a simple one:

Conscious Parents = Healthy Family = Love-Based Society

Reiki Rita believes that being a conscious parent helps parents better understand their child’s unique needs and their responsibility as a healthy role model to their children. Reiki Rita’s “Responsible Parenting” Essential Parent Training Course effectively prepares parents for the difficult, life-long challenge and commitment of raising healthy, respectable, well-adjusted children using unconditional love. The Full Responsible Parenting Essential Parent Training Course includes all 3 energy workshops:

  1. Parent Self-Esteem:  How a parent’s self-esteem impacts their child’s self-esteem.
  2. Work / Home Balance:  Learn how balanced “energy” is the key to achieving work happiness and a peaceful family life.
  3. Conscious Parenting:  Creating a healthy (not perfect!) family foundation using best-parenting practices and effective communication.