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The Conscious Parent

EVERY child deserves a conscious parent, NO child deserves an UNconscious one!

~ Reiki Rita
What's the difference between the parenting styles?

unconsiousThe UNCONSCIOUS PARENT uses fear-based parenting styles that are negative and conditional in nature.  Unknowingly,  as a result of their unresolved fears and insecurities, the love they show becomes conditional because of their fearful need to “protect” their child.

Common unconscious parenting includes: The Victim, Entitled Parent, The Controller, The Needy Parent, The Bully, The Authoritarian. 

Negative affects on their child…

  • Child develops a co-dependency on the parent to feel safe and loved because the parent’s fears and insecurities are projected onto them
  • Child believes the world is not a safe place without the parent’s protection
  • Child develops trust issues, low self-worth and is unable to problem solve or cope with stress
  • Child questions their self-confidence, feels hopeless and like a victim to their circumstances
  • Child only feels loved by the parent when the parent is in control of them
  • Adult child continues to attract other controlling people into his/her life

The CONSCIOUS PARENT uses love-based parenting styles that are positive and unconditional in nature.  They have done the necessary healing work on their self-esteem and practice self-love and respect for themselves.

They display the emotional intelligence to balance their own needs for happiness while maintaining a leadership role using best-parenting practices in order to nurture the needs of all of their children.  The conscious parent is happy, healthy and authentically enjoys their role as parent.

 Positive affects on their child…

  • Child is peaceful, requires little or no discipline, and is naturally considerate of other people, animals and nature
  • Child has no desire to compete with their siblings for their parent’s affection since there are no power struggles or favouritism
  • Child feels special, unique and embraces their authentic self and God-given gifts and talents
  • Child feels like a priority in their parents life, feels listened to, valued and appreciated
  • Child feels supported and a strong sense of purpose and belonging in their family and in the world!
  • Child feels their needs are being met, life is fair, hopeful, takes more risks and is able to overcome disappointments and life challenges


They are just like you- except they have “learned the secret” of how to to raise healthy, happy children and create a peaceful family foundation.

Conscious Parenting NEEDS TO BE LEARNED!
...Unconscious parenting is generationally "inherited"
A Conscious Parent would never dream of driving their car without learning how to first – especially when their precious child is on board!

carBecause YOU are a responsible and loving parent, I know you naturally want to protect your child from potential harm by creating a safe, loving environment for them – right? 

Unfortunately, unlike your parent’s generation, your children are being influenced by the world of technology.  Which means, no matter how much you try to protect them, they will eventually become exposed to harmful, negative influences such as, cyber bulling, violence or pornography.  That’s why old-school parenting advice from your parents or claiming parent ignorance because of no “parent manual” won’t help you protect your child.



RESPONSIBLE PARENTING: Essential Parent Training
Workshop #3: The Conscious Parent
NOTE:  You must complete Workshop #2:  PARENT SELF-ESTEEM to register for this workshop.
dad and daughterThe reason family relationships become dysfunctional is because they lack the emotional “glue” that keeps them together — which is open, honest, respectful COMMUNICATION

The key to having a healthy “functional family” is in the quality of the relationships built with each member of the family.   Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of trust, unconditional love and mutual respect. 

Since children naturally turn to their parents first for unconditional love, guidance and support, parents have the biological advantage to establishing a happy, life-long relationship with their children.  This Conscious Parenting workshop teaches parents how to develop and maintain the parent/child trust, loyalty and unconditional love by learning healthy, effective communication skills. 

If 80% of all families are dysfunctional, that means 20% are happy, peaceful and functional…WANT TO LEARN HOW THEY DO IT?


momandchildIn The Conscious Parent workshop, you will learn how to create a peaceful family environment where everyone unconditionally-loves and respects each other and enjoys each other’s company. 

Imagine what your family life would feel like if there were no power struggles, no negative family drama, and you had enough energy to enjoy the things that really make you happy! 

Reiki Rita will show you how to combine your understanding of energy and parent self-esteem with healthy communication to master the art of CONSCIOUS PARENTING.  Here lies the secret to becoming a happy, functional, unconditionally-loving family.  On completion of this workshop, you will have acquired the necessary essential parent energy skills that will help you successfully create the peaceful, loving family environment that you always envisioned.

Topics includes:

  • What is Conscious Parenting and how does it differ from Unconscious Parenting
  • Learn the 3 common communication styles used in dysfunctional families – and why they don’t work!
  • Learn the 5 key components to building healthy family relationships
  • Learn what authentic unconditional love really is
  • How to express unconditional love for yourself and your child
  • How to parent a “challenging” child
  • Learn to be a loving, supportive parent while setting healthy parent boundaries
  • How to build a healthy family foundation using BEST-PARENTING PRACTICES, including:
      • How to give and show affection
      • The importance of speaking less and listening more
      • Using effective and respectful communication
      • How to be a FAIR parent – eliminating “favoritism”
      • Learn to support – not control your child
      • How to set parental boundaries using healthy discipline – eliminating guilt, shame and blame