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“Wanna Know Why “Grumpy Cat” is so Grumpy…

...because he was raised in a dysfunctional cat family!


...because he was raised in a dysfunctional cat family!…she probably comes from a dysfunctional cat family!”

What you are seeing is a picture of me encouraging happiness while being photogaphed with an innocent cat who has been labeled “grumpy” when all she is really doing — is just being a cat!

Somehow, someway, this little cat has become an overnight sensation and feline celebrity icon.  She has been seen on the “Bachlorette”, “Good Morning America” and photographed with many well-known celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez.

During my recent book signing at the Toronto Eaton Centre, I was surprised and, quite honestly, disillusioned by the number of people who had lined up for hours to be photographed with this unaware cat.  As you can see, she slept through the whole event.   And, even though I am not an advocate of unhealthy competetion, I also found myself wanting to see what all the “noise was about”.   I truly understand how easy it is to become addicted to negative drama since society unconsciously influences us with it all the time.

Honestly, I felt a little disheartened by watching streams of people pass by my book table in order to catch a glimpse of Grumpy Cat, a.k.a “Tardar Sauce”, and purchase a book that encourages people (our children) to be grumpy and unhappy rather than love-based happy humans instead.

Was it just people’s natural curiosity, I wondered?  Or has it become society’s new trend to be grumpy versus happy? I wondered if this was what people really wanted for themselves and as parent role models for their impressionable children?


“As vulnerable children, we are all placed in the position of having to trust our parents and rely solely on our faith in them to make all our decisions for us based on the belief that they have our best interests at heart at all times.” ~ insert from my book, “Parents with Price Tags”….READ MORE

REMEMBER…. As advanced as our society has become with sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, it is and always will be, PEOPLE who both create and operate the world we live in.   Every single person contributes to humanity in some small or big way and each contributes to the energy we put out there – anger or happiness; love or hate.  Therefore, don’t you think it’s time we start making more of a conscious effort to contributing to a more healthy, peaceful and loving world for our ourselves — especially for our children.

As a healer for over 10+ years in the Holistic-Health Industry, I have witnessed an obvious shift with clients suffering from physical pain to mental/emotional pain.  Issues with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are becoming far too common in mainstream society.  In fact, if you haven’t been following the news recently, the world has lost another precious soul and amazing celebrity icon, “Robin Williams” to suicide.  Not to mention countless other unnamed people who continue to suffer from depression due to an unhealthy love for themselves and ineffective coping skills to high levels of stress and anxiety.

I want these hurting people to know that there are alternative options for their healing along with any prescribed medications they may be taking to manage their depression.  I help many clients who suffer with anxiety and depression help find the “source” of their emotional pain and successfully enable them to work through their root issues to find their authentic happiness.   I believe it’s time we take a more proactive approach to encouraging self love (beginning at the source of many people’s self worth issues – one’s parents!) and encourage people to strive to become happy humans versus being “sad and grumpy” cats.  Life can be tough enough on it’s own without offering fearful people MORE  reasons to be afraid and hopeless!!

Keep smiling and, above all – remain hopeful!  God has a great plan for your life, your children, our world and all the grumpy cats too! 


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  • I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I have found something which helped me. Thanks
    a lot!

  • Thanks for your encouraging words and for reaching out.
    There are so many people who are suffering in silence, and its so important to people to know there is always help available . you just have to reach out for it. You are an amazing healer, and I am so grateful
    To have you in my life. Great Article!!
    Love you!

    • Thanks for your heart-felt comment. Finding ourselves “worthy” of reaching out is usually the challenge…This is why self-love and respect is key to creating a happy life…love you too!

    • I think for me, the biggest step was reiizlang that I was just fine on my own, and accepting myself as I am, flaws and all. Once I had that down, it was just a matter of enjoying life and knowing that I don’t need anyone, although I certainly do want my guy in my life. Until you’re happy with yourself, can make yourself happy and not count on anyone else to do that for you, there’s no sense in getting involved with anyone. If you’re not happy, do something about it! You maybe not be able to change what’s going on, but you can sure change your attitude. No one likes to be around a Debbie Downer all the time it’s contagious!

      • Hi Suman, thanks for sharing your thoughts! You’re bang on with that. How can you possibly love and be happy with someone else, if you cannot find that same love for yourself….what would you be offering the other person anyways…stay hopeful; you never know who or what the universe may deliver you when you least expect it!

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