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Work / Home Balance

Much like breathing or the beating of our hearts, most people don’t give any thought about these vital life functions – unless they become a problem!  Similarly, people are also unconscious about the important role that energy plays on their survival and how it directly impacts their health, happiness and work/home balance. 

What is energy?

EVERYTHING is composed of energy!   Energy can be both tangible & intangible.  People, animals, plants and trees, the food we eat, money, time, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions and the air we breathe are all examples of energy.

Why is energy important?

Because everything is energy, nothing would survive without vital life force energy.  Think about the very last thing that leaves our bodies before we pass on — our breath – our energy!  Although society would have us believe that money is the most important thing we need to ensure our survival, the truth is that we can physically survive without money, however, we cannot physically survive without energy. 


People influence each other’s energy in every relationship they have – ie. husband & wife, parent & child, boss & worker, etc.   Some people give us energy through love, while others take our energy through fear. 


What does parenting have to do with energy?

busy momMore than ever before, today’s busy parents require an abundance of energy.   With the increase in sicknesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, the demands on their energy has proven to take its toll.  Many parents are extremely exhausted trying to successfully manage working both in and outside their home and struggling to meet the daily needs of their children, partner, home, career, family and friends, etc.   In fact, it’s not uncommon for these energy-deprived parents to neglect their own health and happiness due to the lack of time and energy they need to accomplish everything – especially single or divorced parents!   

How does energy affects a parent’s happiness? 

HIGH Energy develops POSITIVE emotions such as gratitude and encourages self-love and happiness
LOW Energy develops NEGATIVE emotions such as fear and anger and encourages low self-worth and unhappiness

How does energy affect a parent’s parenting style?

A parent’s energy level directly determines a parent’s health and self-esteem, either positively or negatively.   Parents with high energy tend to practice positive parenting, having a healthier self-esteem and an optimistic perspective on life.  Whereas, parents with low energy are usually more stressed, anxious or depressed, leading more fear-based lives and using negative parenting styles.


Parenting with HIGH & LOW ENERGY
...which parenting style resembles your family?
Positive Parenting Style
happy momA parent with HIGH ENERGY is more happy and self-confident.  Their personal, family and professional life is balanced and realistic.  They choose positive unconditional parenting and consciously sound like this…
Patient:   “Don’t worry, you can try it again…”
Understanding:    “It happens to everyone…”
Fair:   “Think about how you would feel…”
Empathetic/Sensitive:   “I understand how you must feel…”
Protective:    “You are safe, no one will hurt you…”
Negative Parenting Style
frustrated momA parent with LOW ENERGY becomes exhausted and angry.  They lack patience are highly frustrated and feel resentful, unappreciated due to low self-worth.  Their lives are dramatic and out of balance.  Unconsciously, they parent negatively and sound like this…
Victim:   “When I was your age…”
Needy:  “I sacrifice my life for you and get no appreciation…”
Insecure:  “I’ve got my own problems to worry about…”
Entitled:   “If it wasn’t for me, you would be…”
Controller:    “While you are under my roof, you will do as I say…”

 Want to know the “key ingredient” your parents forgot to tell you when teaching you how to create a happy and healthy family…?

For generations, parents have made the same common mistake of believing that money is the key ingredient to personal happiness and creating a better life for their families.   Today many parents still continue to believe this strategy to be true – even with all the examples of financially successful people being depressed or suicidal in their quest for more money!

“Generations have spent so much time and energy in the pursuit of money and have failed – yet, many people continue to believe that this is the key to family happiness!”

This is not the truth, nor will it ever be the truth.  In fact, chasing money to find happiness, works in reverse because it is founded in a fear of scarcity and not having enough money to survive – which is the opposite of love, trust and gratitude. 


The truth is YOUR ENERGY is the critical life force and key ingredient to achieving personal happiness and creating a healthy, balanced and unconditionally loving family.   

“ENERGY AWARENESS” is the answer to achieving self-confidence, optimum health, happiness and maintaining a balanced, peaceful family life.  Parents are shocked and amazed by how quickly their life can be transformed from dramatic, depressed and fear-based to peaceful, grateful, and drama-free with no power struggles — just by learning the value of their energy and how it applies to their daily lives.


RESPONSIBLE PARENTING: Essential Parent Training
Step #2: Work / Home Balance
NOTE: You must have completed Workshop #1 – PARENT SELF-ESTEEM to register for this workshop. 

money in handThis workshop offers a fun, yet realistic approach to teaching parents how their energy affects their ability to achieve and maintain work / home balance by comparing their energy to money.   As a parent, the daily demands on your energy is extremely high.  Learn the difference high and low energy has on your ability to parent through unconditional love and how it directly impacts your health, happiness, self-confidence and your ability to create the work / home balance you envision for yourself and your whole family!

Since money is the universal language we all understand, Reiki Rita uses the analogy of money to prove how energy is more important to your survival and for creating a healthy, happy, balanced life – than money is!  Through energy awareness,  learn why and how to replace the “need for money” with the “need for energy”. 

Money Can’t Buy Your Happiness — But Energy Can!

 Ask any parent, who suffers daily from physical exhaustion, poor health, low self-esteem, anxiety or depression, if they would rather be wealthy or healthy?



In this FUN, INTERACTIVE GAMING WORKSHOP, parents learn the importance of keeping their energy high and how it directly affects their happiness, self-esteem, parenting style and the family foundation. 

Benefits include:

  • Learn to recognize when your energy is high or low; balanced or imbalanced – and why?
  • Learn to recognize common, real-life parent “energy-zapping” scenarios and how to diffuse them
  • Learn how to monitor your energy — where, when, how and to who you “get, give, lose or gain” energy to on a daily basis 
  • Learn practical, useful parenting strategies that will increase your energy, your health and your overall parenting experience
  • Learn valuable coping skills that will help you cope with parenting stress, anxiety and/or depression